Frequently Asked Questions
What is Bitfinbot?

Bitfinbot is a all-in-one crypto bots platform allowing you to earn cryptocurrencies under one unified interface. We offer many automated solutions such as faucets collector, cloud mining and auto trading.

How can I start earning?

To get started, you need to register a new account. After account approval you can fund the account by going to the 'Wallets' section. Then you can rent and configure your bots. You will receive your first earnings 24 hours after the bot started.

What's the minimum amount required to rent a bot?

Minimum amount is 0.01 BTC for cloud mining bots and 0.002 BTC for trading bots (or the equivalent value for other cryptocurrencies).

Can I earn free Bitcoins?

Yes, our faucets collector bot is free to use for new members. Start your faucets collector bot and you will receive steady income every day. You are allowed to create only one faucets collector bot per user.

How long will my bots be active?

Once started, our bots run 24/7 for a one year contract period. You will receive daily income for a whole year, unless you choose to stop and cancel a bot.

How profits are distibuted?

Profits generated by your bots are automatically credited to your balance every day. Please notice that the earned amount may change from time to time depending on markets or blockchain conditions.

How compounding works?

Compounding is available only for auto trading bots. If the compounding option is set, the daily profits are reinvested to generate additional earnings over time.

Can I get back my invested amount?

Yes, but only for the auto trading bots type. To get back your invested amount, also known as principal, go to your Bot page and click the 'Cancel' button. You can cancel a bot after a minimum period of one week. A 5% cancellation fee will be deducted.

Which cryptocurrencies do you support?

Trading bots are available for Bitcoin, Ether and other crytocurrencies. Cloud mining bots are limited to mineable cryptocurrencies. Faucet bot is only available for Bitcoin.

What's the minimum amount to withdraw?

The minimum amount for withdrawals is 0.001 BTC (or the equivalent value for other cryptocurrencies).

How the Affiliate system works?

The affiliate program is available for all registered Bitfinbot users. We will glad to pay you a commission for each bot rented by your referrals. Go to the "Affiliate Panel" section to get your affiliate link and share it with your friends.

You will earn 7% from cloud mining bots and 5% from auto trading bots. You don't get commissions from the free faucets collector bots.

Do you charge any Fees?

Platform and service fees are already included in the prices and earnings rates that we offer. A small fee is charged on withdrawals to cover transactions costs. You can check this value by clicking on the 'Withdraw' button at the 'Wallets' section.